Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Questions & Answer

The other day I happened to read the teachings of the guru Adi Shankarar.I was surprised to find a section of Q&A just like Hai Madhan or Arasu Bathilgal in cheap Tamil weeklies.

Then my friend Adatha Shankara came out with the following answers for the same questions.

1. Who is the clean person? - Udhaya(A friend who used to have all the mess boys in his pay roll to get the extra plate chicken.)

2. Who can be considered as a Guru?Abhishek Bacchan

3. Who is the real intelligent person?One who gets the raise even after missing all deadlines

4. What is poison? - A perfume

5. What is the most beneficial thing? - As of now a pay rise

6. What spoils the mind (madhi) and brings down its efficiency like an alocholic drink?
- You Tube

7. What causes cycle of birth and death? - Sex.Remember NTR's cause of death

9. Who is the bravest one? - Suruttai.For proposing on the last day of college.

10. What character makes one respectable? - Kanaga Appa Charachter in Karakattakaran

11. What is too deep to be known? - Namitha's Navel

12. What brings misery or worry? – Current cut during summer

14. What is in such a flux and so temporary like water drops on a lotus leaf? - My Stock Market returns

15. What is truth? - What Harbhajan Says

16. What is true happiness? - Jhonie walker on rocks

17. What is (comparable to) Hell? - Vomitting in TASMAC

18. What is Death? - No one knows

19. What activities should one resist from doing? - Forwarding chain mails(If you don't send u will die.Its absolutely true.It has happened to me)

20. Who can conquer the entire world? - George Bush

21. Who will be praised even by the celestial ones? - Sachin.As Cricket is religion in Inida and he is the god.

22. What kind of people cannot be put in the right course of life even by the mightier force?Me and Udhaya.(Our tutor Chinna kodangi(Mightier force) tried a lot)

23. Who is a deaf man? - Enga Thatha(My Grandpa)

24. What is a gift? - A leg side full toss dished out by Prem to Udhaya

25. What deserves pity? - Actor Senthil

26. Who can easily win the People? - In TamilNadu its Namitha or any other overweight heroine who has a tummy like Udhaya.

27. What should a man’s earnings be comprised of?A beach house,A ferrari.Tax free ofcourse

28. What should one protect? - The obvious.Put on a box mate.


Maruthiah said...

good start thambi.. keep em coming

TVK said...

Thanks Maruthu...